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A few seconds after Yokozawa pressed the intercom button, a response finally came: “It’s open, so come on in.”

“Someone’s getting careless just because his apartment complex comes with an autolock system. Can’t he at least lock the door?”

Even if Kirishima had known it was Yokozawa begging entrance, he couldn’t condone leaving the front door unlocked. The guy had a daughter–he really ought to be more careful with this sort of thing. Granted, Yokozawa did have a spare key to the apartment, but he felt awkward using it while the Kirishimas were home.

Reminding himself to give Kirishima a piece of his mind later regarding his security, Yokozawa stepped into the genkan–where something decked out in gaudy colors immediately leapt into his field of vision.

“Trick or treat!”


An adorable little witch had just launched herself at him, dressed in a long, black cloak and a pointy hat. The color he’d caught before must’ve been the pink lining of said cloak. She’d undoubtedly been waiting patiently for Yokozawa to step inside–and this must have been why Kirishima had left the front door unlocked.

Hiyori turned a devious grin on Yokozawa after having successfully drawn him into her trap. “Did I get you, Oniichan??”

“You most certainly did–but that costume…Ah, is that your outfit for Halloween?”

“Yup! Grandma added all sorts of things to the outfit that Dad bought for me!” At these words, Yokozawa took a second glance of her clothing and realized that several pink ribbons had been added here and there all over the costume.

“Adorable–looks great on you.”

“Really?? Thank goodness! Yuki-chan and I are matching!”

“Got a party going on somewhere?”

“Yup, everyone in the complex is going! And we’re all going door-to-door too!”

While Hiyori was explaining, Kirishima stepped out from further inside–with glasses perched on his nose that suggested he’d been in the middle of a good book. “It’s something the complex’s Children’s Association put together. The families participating just hang a sign outside their genkan and pass out candy when the children come around.”

“Ah yeah–I remember there being some mention of that before.” He supposed that must have been what the mountain of candy stuffed into the paper bag by the genkan was for.

He never would’ve imagined such an event even being possible in his own childhood. Truthfully, he was kind of glad it hadn’t existed; he doubted he would’ve looked good in any costumes, and he’d never felt like dressing up anyway.

“Oniichan–let’s take pictures together later! I made a cloak for Sora-chan, too~”

“Let’s just hope you can get him to keep it on.”

“Don’t worry! He wore it just fine when we tried it on him yesterday. He was so adorable in it–he looked great! His costume matches my own and–”

“Hiyo–isn’t it almost time?”

At Kirishima’s words, Hiyori paused in the middle of what looked to be a long-winded explanation and checked at the time before her eyes widened in shock. “Ah, you’re right! I’ve gotta go meet Yuki-chan! All right, I’ll be off then! See you later, Dad!”

“Right–take care.”

She waved at them both before darting off as they watched her go. Kids were granted special permission to go crazy over these sorts of events. Yokozawa recalled thinking that the road from childhood to becoming an adult seemed almost interminable at Hiyori’s age, but looking back now, he realized how truly brief that time of his life had been.

“…?” He’d been serenely reflecting on times gone by–until he sensed someone watching him, and as he cast his gaze to the side, he caught Kirishima fixing his gaze upon him. But Yokozawa couldn’t for the life of him divine what the expression he wore meant, and he felt a chill of unease rush through him. “Wh–what?”

Wary as he was, though, the response he received was rather banal: “…Nah, just thought cosplay might not be so bad.”


Thinking he must have misheard, he turned to fully face Kirishima–but was instead met with another question delivered with a serious expression. “Don’t you have anything you could’ve worn besides a suit?”

“Of–of course not! And even if I did, I sure as hell couldn’t wear it outside!” He wasn’t into that sort of thing for one, and he didn’t plan to try it out just for Kirishima’s sake for another. He released an irritated breath, longing for the light-hearted feelings he felt seeing off Hiyori to return.

“Then–what about a school uniform? You could probably still fit into your high-school one, right?”

“I gave it to an underclassman, so it’s long gone.”

“Then wanna wear mine? I think it’s still at my parents’ place. Should be a perfect fit for you, too. Though I guess a blazer isn’t all that different from a suit, huh…”

“I told you–I’m not wearing anything!” He had no intention of going along with any of Kirishima’s hare-brained schemes here.

But his snapped words reflecting his rising irritation with Kirishima’s refusal to leave things be were met now with a peevish pout. “…You’re no fun.”

At this childish pouting, Yokozawa snapped a hand out and shoved Kirishima’s forehead. “How the hell am I no fun?” What could possibly be fun about having to dress up in costumes? He couldn’t wrap his mind around why on earth Kirishima would want him to do so.

“All right, no other choice; if you won’t do it, guess I’ll have to.”

“No one wants to see that!” How precisely that had become the next logical step in this argument, Yokozawa hadn’t the faintest clue, and while he would admit he was a little curious as to what the guy was planning to don, he knew if he pressed for a hint, Kirishima would take this as a sure sign that he was getting into the spirit of things.

“Though I’m afraid that you don’t have much choice when it comes to ‘trick’ or ‘treat’.”


“What I mean is–you’re definitely getting a trick.”

He furrowed his brows in confusion at Kirishima’s knowing smile when– “GAH! Dammit, I said stop pinching my ass!” He slapped away the hand that had reached around to grope his rear, wishing vainly that Kirishima would learn to stop doing that whenever he damn well pleased (not that he intended to offer permission even if Kirishima had asked in advance).

“So anywhere else is fair game, then?”

“You know damn well that’s not the issue. And–don’t grab my hips! You’re close, dammit, TOO CLOSE!” He grabbed Kirishima’s head and tried to pull away, nearly losing his balance at the awkward position he found himself in as he tried to place space between their upper halves while Kirishima kept a firm grip around his hips.

He suddenly remembered that they hadn’t bothered to lock the door again after Hiyori had left–leaving the very real possibility that children might not wait for a response and just open the door right away.

“What’re you gettin’ all hot and bothered for? We’ve done way worse things than this before.”

At Kirishima’s murmured words, thoughts decidedly inappropriate for the middle of the day flooded his mind. “Shut up!”

But Kirishima continued his attack on the flustered Yokozawa unabated. “What’d you think of, just now? Go on, spit it out.”

“………!” There was no way he could possible say, and he froze his voice in his throat. He knew fully well that the fact that he got so easily flustered was the very reason Kirishima was able to tease him like this, but he just couldn’t manage to keep cool in such situations. It wasn’t so much the difference in age between them as the difference in personality.

“How about I guess?”

“Cut it out!”

“I see. You’d rather I just act it out, then?”

“Stop parsing responses however you like!”

“Given how pissed you’re getting–I’m gonna guess it was a rather embarrassing thing you remembered…”

“I–it was not!” He despised the way Kirishima was leering at him–but no matter how he looked at the situation, he was at a decided disadvantage right now.

“So–what would you like me to do, then…?” Kirishima traced the line of his throat with a finger, tipping up his chin. Yokozawa’s skin trembled with tiny shudders, and he instantly shut his eyes–

But just when he’d finally prepared himself and swallowed thickly, he felt a weight settle onto one shoulder and slowly opened his eyes when a shivering sensation followed shortly–only to find Kirishima with his forehead settled at the crook of his neck, shoulders shaking with laughter.

“Good grief, you’re never gonna get used to this, are you?”

“Don’t laugh at me!” Yokozawa huffed in irritation when it became apparent Kirishima wasn’t soon going to be able to stop his laughter. He clenched his fist, wondering just how he was going to handle this–when the intercom rang with perfect timing. The cheerful voices of children that greeted them over the device could belong to none other than Halloween trick-or-treaters. “Oi–you’ve got guests. Don’t leave the trick-or-treaters waiting!” It was unfortunate he’d missed his opportunity for revenge, but at least now he could finally worm his way out of Kirishima’s embrace.

“Ugh, and just when it was getting good… Guess I’ve got no choice–we’ll have to reschedule. I’ll satisfy myself with this for now~”

“–!!” He only realized he’d been kissed when he felt something brush against his cheek, and Kirishima tossed back a wink as he hastily rubbed at his flushed cheek with the palm of his hand.

“I’d look forward to what I’ve got in store for you later if I were you.”

“As if! Now just–get going, geez!” he snapped, face beet-red, as Kirishima just laughed at him.

Happy Halloween!


Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Vol. 4 Copyright © 2013 by Kadokawa Shoten. All Rights Reserved.


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